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14.02.2015: Great Thunderdome of Jumpstart!
« dnia: Luty 14, 2015, 00:38:40 »

We will be handing out 4500 frigates free for all, just to see them blow up in fiery explosions.

    Location: Ouelletta V - Moon 5 - Federal Navy Academy
    Date/Time: 2015 February 14, 20:00 Eve time (part two!)
    Event Channel: The Great Thunderdome
    Comms: TBA in event channel
    Stream: TBA


    Please try to avoid podding
    Don't use ECM
    No station or gate games please
    NYSI policy: Not yourself, shoot it. No blues, no purples, everyone is a valid target.
    Only frigate hulls please.

Prizes (For people following guidelines):

    This depends on zKillboard's solar system page and will be announced after it finishes updating. Rewards will be contracted in Jita 4-4.
    Top 1-3: Random pirate battleship
    Top 4-6: Random pirate cruiser
    Top 7-10: Random pirate frigate

When we are running low on ships, a special event will take place with one more prize.
Thank you Ela van Black for the donations and for planning the logistics!

Q: Just to confirm - all ships provided, bring a blank pod?
A: Yes, all ships provided, blank pod preferred as these events usually attract smarty campers

Edit 2:
Another prize: The creator of the best video made of this event (send youtube links to Veetor Nara please ingame) will also receive a PLEX.

Edit 3:
Peon King offered some prizes as well[

    2x Firetails for most losses
    2x Slicers for most kills with noobships
    2x Hookbills for the newest player to get a skill
    2x Comets for the best profile picture

In the event of a tie, the pilot wit the better hair gets the prize. If they are all bald, I get it ;)

Edit 4:
RvB Ganked was kind enough to support us with 1 billion of ISK so we can introduce some more prizes:

    Most top damages on killmails: 4x confessors
    2nd most top damages on killmails: 3x confessors
    3rd most top damages on killmails: 2x confessors
    4th most top damages on killmails: 1x confessor
    most lossmails: 100 shuttles from each empire
    2nd most losses: 80 random destroyers
    3rd most losses: 60 random destroyers
    4th most losses: 40 random destroyers
    5th most losses: 20 random destroyers

Edit 5:

Due to more generous donations from Ela and MrNerdo we can expand the prizes list

    We'll give 2x PLEX to the creator of the best video of this event
    We'll give 1x PLEX to the creator of the second best video of this event

+ 25 random attendees are to receive 2 random Assault Frigates!

Edit 6:
Thank you Skir Skor for helping with the fitting!


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